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Gymnasts who enter the competitive sector at GYMIBIK are properly evaluated in order to ensure that they have the skills, motivation and ability to train at a higher level.
Competitive gymnasts, aged 5- 18 years, train 12 months of the year.  Training takes place from 4 hours – 24 hours per week depending on age and level.

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Group try-outs are made available throughout the year to all gymnasts who hope to explore the competitive sector of gymnastics.  Private auditions are also available at a cost of 20$.  All auditions allow GYMIBIK supervisors to properly evaluate athletes and to place them in the appropriate levels according to their ability.

GYMIBIK works collaboratively with various elementary and high schools in order to ensure a successful sports-etudes program.  Gymnasts at this level train in the afternoons.  In order to participate in the Sports-Etudes program, an agreement needs to be made between the school and the gym.  Presently, only gymnasts in the provincial circuit are eligible to participate in this program.