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GYMIBIK is located in the Complexe Sportif St-Rapahel.  The club is currently home to a female artistic gymnastics program and has the capacity to develop programs for male gymnasts as well. 

GYMIBIK’s equipment is all high quality and well-maintained for gymnasts of all skill levels.  We have equipment that is geared towards young children, recreational gymnasts, as well as high level competitive gymnasts. 

Our 6000 square foot training space includes a specialized floor, beams, uneven and fixed bars, rings, a vault, a “rod” track, a trampoline, a foam pit, and a variety of mats and other training equipment.  All equipment is regularly maintained and updated in order to ensure the safety and security of our gymnasts.


In 1986, a group of parents from Ile Bizard, Quebec, made a request to the city of Ile Bizard for a gymnastics program.  They requested that a space be provided in a local elementary school for children to be able to participate in gymnastics.  They hired two coaches, and used school benches and mats in order to serve as equipment. 

In 1992, a Board of Directors was formed and a Head Gymnastics coach was hired.  The concept began to develop, and it resulted in the development of a small recreational gymnastics program.   Soon after, a competitive program was developed, proper equipment was put in place and GYMIBIK began to grow.  The club continued to grow and develop, despite the obstacles of not having a place of its own, separate from the school space that it was borrowing. 

In 2004, GYMIBIK finally was given its own space at the Complexe Sportif St-Rapahel.  Since then, the club has continued to grow and flourish and now accommodates more than 700 recreational gymnasts and 80 competitive gymnasts.

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